PRESMAC is a pressure management model used to assess the likely savings of various pressure reduction options (fixed-outlet, time-modulated or flow-modulated PRVs) in a selected zone. The analysis is undertaken in a relatively simple and pragmatic manner based on the general Burst and Background Estimate (BABE) techniques. The model allows the user to gauge the potential for pressure management very quickly and effectively without requiring a detailed pipe network analysis.

Although the methodology is based on a number of simplifications and assumptions, in practice, the predicted savings are generally within 10% to 20% of those actually achieved (erring on the conservative side).

1. Extract the archive to a suitable location
2. Run PresMac.exe, and optionally import test data to see how the app typically functions

Note: A number of Windows 10 users have reported error messages relating to floating point values.
This happens because Windows 10, by default, selects a comma as the decimal separator when region is set to SA English.
See here for instructions to change the comma to a decimal point: